House placement or Plot Plan

The house should be positioned first on a map of your lot, called a plot plan, then that position should be staked on the site by you and your construction manager, building consultant or, surveyor. Your Americas Home Place Building Consultant can position the house on the lot on paper, considering water as well as solar energy, wind, light, and the location of other houses. Make sure you contribute your ideas to the person positioning the house before they start working on your job. A few things to consider:

- Interior light: A north-south facing house will be darker than an east-west facing house.
- Water flow: How will it affect landscaping and basement drainage?
- Other houses on the street for setbacks. Setback requirements are determined by local zoning and deed restrictions, but, setbacks are also influenced by your neighbors’ houses
- The street itself: Should the house be parallel with the street? What if the street curves? What about a corner lot?
- Privacy on the front, back, and sides. Think about what your windows will overlook and what your neighbors might see from their homes. You may want to change window placement based on this factor
- Solar orientation: To get the most benefit from the sun’s energy, homes should have as much surface as possible facing south, with broad expanses of glass on that side and a minimum of doors and windows on the north side. Homes may also be designed to allow for roof solar collectors or other solar energy devices.
- Minimum setback and side-yard requirements: Make sure you are within the legal boundaries of your property

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